One more step towards social inclusion



On 6 May, the graduation ceremony of the Expert Course for Young People with Disabilities took place at the University of Burgos. This course - given by the University of Burgos with the support of the ONCE Foundation and the European Social Fund - aims to help young people with disabilities find employment. 

The University of Burgos was a pioneer in this project, having already carried out 5 editions, and has already been joined by twenty universities throughout Spain. It is a very positive experience, which has the support of the ONCE Foundation and allows the Academy to be an inclusive, public and open space for acquiring new skills. 

In addition, this year the internships in the centres have resumed after the pandemic and the students say that they have felt welcomed, motivated and have learned a lot during the time spent in the classrooms and in the centres. 

The idea is to continue supporting these students in one of the most important experiences of their lives, which is their passage through university with the vision of improving their professional future and the training of social skills, activities and workshops to learn to speak in public, write, express themselves and debate, as well as emotional growth that has helped them to be included and to know their rights and duties as citizens and to know and respect the culture.


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