Miguel Corbí
Miguel Corbí

Miguel Corbí is PhD holder in Education from Universidad de Burgos and lecturer and researcher in the same institution. His lines of teaching and researching are related to Inclusive Education from a holistic point of view.

Email: mcorbi@ubu.es

José Luis Cuesta
José Luis Cuesta

Doctor from the University of Burgos. Permanent Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Burgos. His lines of teaching and researching are related to Autism, Intellectual Disability, Quality of Life, Training and inclusion processes throughout life.

Email: jlcgomez@ubu.es

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Raquel de la Fuente
Raquel de la Fuente – Anuncibay

Doctor from the University of Burgos. Full Professor. Coordinator of the DISCONDU Research Group "Intellectual and Behavioural Disability", and of the TEACHING INNOVATION GROUP of the University of Burgos: Innovation, Inclusion and Research. Research fields: intergenerational relations, disability, guidance and human resources.

Martha Lucía Orozco
Martha Lucía Orozco Gómez

Doctor in Curriculum and Interculturality from the University of Valladolid. Professor at the Faculty of Education of the University of Burgos. The scientific and research activity has been marked by the complementarity between scientific and social processes with emphasis on intercultural and pedagogical issues.

Email: mlorozco@ubu.es

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Silvia Casado
Silvia Casado Yusta

Currently is Associate Professor in Mathematics at the University of Burgos, Spain. She received her Ph.D. in Business (Operations Research) from the University of Burgos, in 2003. Her current research interests include Metaheuristics, and its applications to Data Mining, Logistics and others Real-Life problems.

Email: scasado@ubu.es

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María Teresa Ortega
Maria Teresa Ortega Camarero

Doctor from the University of Burgos. Sociologist. Associate Professor of the Sociology Area of ​​the University of Burgos. Researcher in the field of the social impact of disability, in the fields of employment and labor insertion, training itineraries, aging and the rights model.

Email: mocamarero@ubu.es         

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