ERASMUS DAYS and the UBU highlight the value of inclusion



Three days disseminating Inclusion from the Euroddip-e, Fordysvar and Tut4ind projects.

94.5% of the students were not aware of these projects.

On the occasion of the celebration of ERASMUS DAYS, a space for the dissemination of European projects and activities funded by SEPIE, the coordinators of EURODDIP-e, FORDYSVAR and TUT4IND, have come together to communicate to students the guidelines, progress and objectives to be achieved in each of the projects.

Educational inclusion is the common denominator of the three projects coordinated by the Faculty of Education of the University of Burgos. 

The sessions have been developed through explanatory videos of each of the projects, which have been screened in different degrees: Degree in Pedagogy, Degree in Early Childhood Education, Degree in Primary Education and in the Pedagogical and Didactic Training Course. 

The information and materials developed by the projects can be consulted and downloaded at: EURODDIP-e, FORDYSVAR and TUT4IND.

The presence of the participants made it possible to answer questions on the spot.  

After the event, it has been possible to verify how this type of projects, despite the great impact they have, are still unknown to most of the university students (94.5%), although they considered them interesting and would be willing to follow their development (83%). 

The satisfaction of the students in relation to the subjects dealt with, the duration, explanation, organisation and interest of each project is in the highest percentages between satisfactory and very satisfactory.

The material produced on the occasion of these dissemination days is available on the University of Burgos youtube channel.

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